Senior CNO Developer, Tools Development - Denver, CO / Waltham, MA / Remote

Engineering · Waltham, Massachusetts
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Senior CNO Developer, Tools Development - Denver, CO / Waltham, MA / Remote

Have you ever set-up a C2 to manage the many implants you or your team has deployed? Ever hacked together an alerting system to tell you your exploit finally landed after the stars of randomization aligned just right?  Would you like to apply that knowledge to engineer the right tooling for our reconnaissance and attack platforms here at Randori?  If so, you would work with libraries of encoders to make a framework for exploitation and enable new product capabilities.  You would be contributing to our mission to unlock the attacker's perspective to identify gaps and assess risks for our customers.

At Randori, we help defenders continuously assess their real-world security. Our automated attack platform provides a red team experience designed to mirror today’s adversaries, not yesterday’s threats. We partner with security teams to help them understand the art of the possible by delivering an unrivaled attack experience, at scale. 

As a Randori Senior CNO Developer, Tools Development, you will help lead and define, shape and implement scalable software solutions for our Cyber Security platform. You’ll work with our red team, researchers, developer peers and Architects to shape the direction of our products.

We are looking for individuals that are driven, proactive, thorough, and forward looking. You have at your fingertips a mastery of several programming languages and red-team technologies. You can debug something from layer 1 to 7 in the OSI Model and you’ve hacked your way through understanding more applications and devices than you can remember. You have the determination to grind through the pain, the patience to understand problems from first principles, and the ingenuity to make things work and develop tools where others would throw up their hands. You are a hacker, a tool builder and an enabler.

Responsibilities of the Role:

  • Grit. Grind. Motivation.
  • Solving problems that do not have known solutions
  • Develop reusable CNO tooling and supporting capabilities 
  • Turn POCs and research capabilities produced by our research teams into production-ready capabilities for our platform
  • Develop and executes plans for new technologies to enhance security capabilities including, perimeter security protections, firewalls, proxies, load balancers, monitoring tools, and data analytics and analysis within the bounds of our cloud infrastructure
  • Verify the quality of CNO tools capabilities.

What is Required:

  • Detailed knowledge of operating system internals
  • Ability to work with a wide variety of computing environments (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, embedded systems)
  • Experience working with emulation technologies such as VMs, QEMU, and Docker
  • Understanding of network protocols (TCP/IP stacks, wire-level protocols, RF communications, BGP, routing protocols, or others)
  • Experience with development on Embedded systems/RTOS
  • Experience with debugging tools (WinDbg, gdb, lldb, OllyDbg) 
  • Experience working with C and various compiler toolchains
  • Experience with assembly language (x86/64, ARM, PPC, Mips, etc)
  • Proficient with scripting languages such as Python
  • Experience with network or systems administration
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • BA/BS in Computer Engineering, or commensurate experience

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience designing and implementing scalable large scale SaaS based solutions
  • 8-10 years of experience in modern programming language (Go, Python, Ruby, or C++)
  • Experience with cloud computing technologies such as GCP, AWS, Azure or Rackspace and work with Kubernetes for deployments
  • Experience working with business stakeholders to breakdown work
  • Experience with agile development

Security Responsibilities:

Every Randori employee has the responsibility to ensure all tasks performed adhere to Randori’s  Information Security requirements. This includes understanding and following security policies, participation in information security training, and helping improve the organization's overall security maturity. Each member of our team must understand their role in protecting company assets and the subsequent handling of confidential & customer data.

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